Your Senior Dog Deserves Extra-Special Care

Your nine-year-old golden retriever Sadie still has a busy social calendar. This elegant canine senior citizen never misses her two daily neighborhood walks. Twice monthly, this gentle girl visits patients at your local hospital. In her spare time, she catches the latest “Animal Planet” shows. You’d like your canine companion to stay healthy, so your Greensboro, NC veterinarian gives her regular physical checkups. The vet also prescribed a tailored senior health program.

Nutritious Senior Diet

Sadie has always displayed a hearty appetite. Each day, she eagerly chowed down on her vet-approved food. Each bowl provided top-notch protein, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. She still needs these nutrients, although in different proportions. Also, since she has slowed down, she should reduce her daily calorie intake.

Before choosing her diet, the vet pinpointed her nutritional requirements and exercise routine. If she had developed a rounder look, he might select a weight-loss formulation. If your dog coped with a chronic medical condition, he might opt for a blend that supported her treatment regimen.

Professional Dental Care

Sadie’s gleaming white teeth could be on a canine dentistry poster. To keep those enviable choppers, she receives regular professional dental care. During each physical checkup, the vet examines your dog’s teeth and gums, quickly handling emerging issues. Your lucky girl also receives frequent dental cleanings, and you brush her teeth regularly.

Consistent Canine Vaccinations

Your spunky senior dog must continue to receive regular vaccinations. After all, you want to protect her from dangerous and infectious canine diseases. The vet will consider her age, lifestyle, and health status before administering the correct vaccines.

Enjoyable Gentle Exercise

Your dog’s regular walks provide multiple benefits. Besides completing her important business, this sociable pooch schmoozes with her canine friends. This consistent exercise also helps her to avoid obesity. Ask the vet to recommend other light workouts. Consider gentle fetch games or warm-water swims.

If she seems to wince when she stands or walks normally, or scales your steps, tell your vet. He can prescribe helpful medications and/or therapies.

During Sadie’s regular physical exams, your Greensboro, NC veterinarian will tweak her health program and address emerging medical issues. Alert the vet if your companion’s food and water consumption, or urination and/or defecation behaviors, have changed. To give your senior dog a tailored health plan, contact us for expert assistance.

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