Enhance Your Cat’s Health With a Good Life-Stage Diet

Your freshly adopted kitten Peaches is fast becoming a pampered feline housemate. Yesterday, you found this seven-week-old orange tabby through an animal rescue group. After sniffing her way through your house, she batted several cat toys before briefly sacking out on her comfy bed. Tomorrow, your Guilford College Area vet will provide Peaches with a new patient exam. She’ll also prescribe a kitten-focused diet that supports her high-energy lifestyle. As your companion progresses through life, consuming the proper life-stage diet will help her to stay healthy.

Energizing Kitten Kibbles

Peaches takes her life at breakneck speed. She tears through the house like a tiny orange blur, occasionally stopping to chase her tail. Her small body is also developing very rapidly. To support this supercharged lifestyle, her body demands a diet high in protein and calories. If she chowed down on poor-quality food, she might not attain her ideal weight and could develop medical problems.

Pregnant or Nursing Mother Nutrition

You’ve already decided to have Peaches spayed. However, you’ve also committed to perform “foster mom” work for an animal rescue group. In that role, you’ll likely meet at least one pregnant cat who needs quality nutrition for herself and her growing offspring. If the expectant mother doesn’t receive vital nutrients, she might not produce enough milk. She could also develop nutrition-related conditions.

Tailored Senior Cat Diet

Someday, your little wind-up kitten will become an elegant senior cat. As she ages, she might develop a chronic condition, such as kidney or heart disease; or another age-linked medical problem. She could also face mobility issues that affect her daily activities.

Your vet will monitor your senior cat’s health, giving her regular checkups and addressing emerging health conditions. She’ll consider a targeted food that supports your cat’s treatment program.

Feline Obesity Cause

Cats often become porkers by consuming too much food for their super-low activity levels. They can also pack on pounds by gobbling up the wrong life-stage diet.

Assume middle-aged Peaches has gotten lazy. Instead of exercising, she snoozes for hours before rousing herself to eat. If she still crunches her high-calorie kitten kibbles, she’ll likely gain weight.

As Peaches becomes a feisty adult, and then a dignified senior citizen, your Guilford College Area vet will revise her diet. To provide your cat with the proper life-stage food, contact us for expert advice.

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