Kitty’s Cutest Quirks

Do you have a kitty? If so, your furry pal probably puts quite a few smiles on your face with her ‘purrsonality’ and silly antics. Our feline friends are almost irresistibly cute and charming, and they definitely have some unique and adorable habits and characteristics. Below, a Greensboro, NC veterinarian discusses Kitty’s cutest quirks.


Fluffy’s box obsession is, at least in part, justifiable, since felines naturally feel secure in small, enclosed spaces. This may not explain why cats enjoy stuffing themselves into boxes that are clearly too small for them, but it is the most logical reason for kitties’ almost universal love of boxes. It apparently doesn’t matter what size the box is, or for that matter, what size the cat is. Even large kitties like lions and tigers love boxes!


Fluffy’s habit of curling up on your lap for a nap is one of her more endearing habits … at least, until she starts kneading you with her claws! Since kittens knead while nursing, this slightly painful show of affection actually may mean your furball thinks of you as her human parent. Love hurts!


Does your furball sometimes like to stretch out right in the middle of a magazine you’re trying to read? Does she interrupt you when you’re using the computer? This may be Fluffy’s way of saying you should be paying attention to her instead!

Knocking Things Off Counters

For some reason, many cats seem compelled to smack small objects off tables and countertops. Is Fluffy trying to help with the housecleaning? Does she have something against knick-knacks? Whatever the reason, it can be quite amusing to watch. It’s also a good argument in favor of keeping fragile items out of Kitty’s reach!


Kitty’s purring habit isn’t just cute: it may actually have healing properties. Fluffy’s purr can also be very soothing! Fluffy’s little motor may start rumbling whenever you pet her or pick her up, or when she snuggles up with you for a nap.

Talking Back

Does your kitty talk? Many of our feline friends are quite interactive. If your furball is the chatty type, she may answer back when you ask her a question, or even argue with you! It’s hard not to smile when Fluffy does this, as it’s super cute!

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