Pamper Your Pet Bird With Top-Notch Care

Your just-adopted parrotlet Mango will be a spoiled-rotten bird. Earlier today, you received this colorful, chatty girl from a regional avian rescue group. She immediately poked around her roomy new apartment, and then spent quality time with your family. Tomorrow, Mango will visit your Guilford College Area pet clinic for a new patient exam. The vet will provide your feathered companion with a tailored diet that should help her thrive.

Spacious, Comfortable Habitat

Mango’s expansive enclosure measures almost three times her wingspan’s width and depth. Several perches will provide a choice of vantage points. She could begin chewing on the cage bars and latch, so monitor these structural components. If they seem questionable, replace the entire cage before your clever bird escapes. Clean her cage regularly, as hygienic living quarters minimize the risk of health problems.

Give your bird clean, fresh water at least twice daily. Stock her cage with colorful, challenging toys that should engage her sharp little mind. Purchase a treat puzzle (or two), as these reward-based toys make her expend effort for her treasured snacks. Rotate her playthings often so she doesn’t become bored.

Species-Appropriate Diet

Because Mango will work up an appetite, give her a delicious, species-appropriate diet. Although she might resemble her macaw and cockatiel cousins, her nutritional requirements aren’t the same; and she’ll consume different foods. If she regularly chowed down on ingredients meant for other birds, she could experience unwelcome health problems.

Although an all-seed menu might seem feasible, your companion’s specially blended nutritional pellets are a better choice. This nutrient-rich mix should comprise almost 80 percent of her daily calories. With the vet’s approval, stir in small veggie and fruit pieces. Don’t ever feed Mango – or any other bird – highly toxic foods such as onions, garlic, pasta, rice, or chocolate.

Engaging Social Interactions

Mango considers your family her new social circle. Give her a hospitable welcome by placing her cage in a well-traveled indoor location where she can view – and comment on – everyone’s activities. For additional interactions, watch your bird bathe and preen herself. Ask your vet to recommend training tasks to strengthen her family bond.

Your Guilford College Area pet clinic will provide Mango with regular checkups, quickly handling developing medical conditions. To give your pet bird the top-notch care he deserves, contact us for expert assistance.

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