Meet the Plott Hound – Our Official State Dog!

Did you know that the Plott Hound is the official state dog of North Carolina? Not every state elects official dogs, but we have good reason for choosing our canine mascot: the Plott Hound was bred right here in NC! A local Guilford College Area vet discusses our official state pup in this article.


The Plott Hound was bred over 200 years ago to hunt wild boar and bear. These active pups are still very popular hunting dogs, and are also excellent trackers. This versatile pooch got his name from Johannes “George” Plott, a German immigrant. Plott brought five hounds with him when he came to America. His son, Henry, bred the descendants of those pups, producing the new breed. A determined, fearless hunter, the Plott has won world recognition among outdoorsman. The Plott Hound has been our state dog since 1988, but was not officially recognized by the AKC until 2006.


The AKC lists 13 different color options for the Plott Hound’s coat, along with four different marking variations. The list of colors includes black, buckskin, and several varieties of brindle. As far as grooming, the Plott Hound is fairly low-maintenance. They only need occasional baths, though they should be brushed about once a week. The nails of a Plott Hound grow quite quickly, so these lovable hounds do require frequent ‘pawdicures.’ Regular dental care and ear cleanings are also necessary. If you have a Plott Hound, ask your vet for specific care recommendations.


Plott Hounds are quite active, and need plenty of exercise to burn off all that extra energy. These smart pups are quite trainable, and many of them really enjoy learning. Stimulation is very important, as these playful pooches get bored quickly if they have nothing to do. Loyal, friendly, and lovable, the Plott Hound is great with kids, and can make an excellent family pet. They also get along fairly well with other pets. Because they are so active, and love being outdoors, Plott Hounds do best in homes with a fenced yard. If you are considering adopting a Plott, be prepared to listen to your canine pal: the Plott can be quite vocal!

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