Halloween Safety for Pets

Halloween is one of America’s favorite holidays. For many people, setting out seasonal décor and choosing costumes are some of the best parts of autumn! Halloween can be a lot of fun, but it can also be very dangerous for our furry companions. A Greensboro, NC veterinarian offers helpful tips on keeping your beloved pet safe for the autumn holiday in this article.


Fido has certainly worn some adorable and hilarious Halloween costumes in the past: he’s dressed up as some of our favorite foods, and been a pickle, a cheeseburger, a taco, and a hotdog. He’s also been a superhero, a spider, a dinosaur, and a pirate, to name a few. While these outfits are all cute and funny, you do want to take care when dressing your dog. Don’t put your canine buddy in anything tight or constricting, or anything with small parts, like buttons, that he could possibly choke on. If your pooch hates wearing clothes, don’t force him to dress up. Instead, do something minimal, like putting a cute bandana around his neck.


Candy is of course a huge part of Halloween fun, but it can be very dangerous for pets. Chocolate, macadamia nuts, and raisins are all toxic to our furry pals. You also want to be very careful not to give your pet anything containing xylitol, or anything flavored with grape, garlic, onion, or chives. Hard candies and plastic wrappers are also hazardous, as they can pose serious choking risks.


Many Halloween decorations are dangerous for pets. Avoid items with dangling strings or small parts, and don’t let your furbaby play with those electrical cords. Pumpkins and candles are very hazardous as well: keep your furball away from any flames!


Trick or treaters can really throw a wrench in your pet’s day. Both Fido and Fluffy can get quite worked up over a steady stream of costumed strangers. Keep pets safe and sound inside while you’re passing out treats. You may want to put your furball in a quiet back room, with food, treats, and toys, until things quiet down.

Special Precautions For Fluffy

Halloween is particularly dangerous for cats, particularly black cats. Be sure to keep Fluffy indoors until after the seasonal holiday!

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