New Year’s Resolutions You Can Share With Your Dog

Happy New Year! As we start out a brand new year, our canine pals will be right there with us, tails wagging and heads tilting adorably. If you’re making resolutions this year, why not incorporate Fido into your new goals? After all, your furry best friend will be right by your side in the coming months. In this article, you’ll read some great suggestions from a Greensboro, NC vet on resolutions you can share with your dog.

Get In Shape

Being in good shape is beneficial and healthy for both people and dogs. If you’ve resolved to be more active this year, you can definitely include Fido in this great personal goal. Take your pooch for long walks, go on a hike, or try something new, like dancing or agility training. Ask your vet to provide exercise guidelines for your pup, as not every dog should exercise vigorously.

Have Fun

A dog having fun is the picture of joyful exuberance. Fido may love playing with his favorite rope toy, or just playing fetch. Life is short: take time to just have some fun!

Be Loyal

One of our canine pals’ most amazing qualities is their steadfast loyalty. Dogs stay with us through thick and thin, and often outlast jobs, friendships, and relationships. Be loyal to your loved ones, and support them when they need it.


Man’s Best Buddy definitely has a taste for adventure and exploration. Take your pooch to a doggy park or a pet-friendly café, and let him enjoy sniffing new grass and seeing new sights. This applies to you, too: go somewhere new this year!

Learn Something New

Does your pooch have the five basic commands of doggy obedience down? These commands, which are Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down, are very important. If Fido has mastered these, have some fun with him and teach him some cute tricks. Higher learning is also a great goal for people: tackle a new language, pick up a craft you’ve always wanted to try, or further your education.

Show Your Love

Dogs have a wonderful capacity to love. Let Fido’s unconditional devotion be an inspiration to you. Show your loved ones that you care!

As your local Greensboro, NC animal hospital, we look forward to providing your beloved pet with excellent care in 2016 and beyond. Call us anytime!

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