5 Phrases Your Cat Probably Understands

Cats are quite lovable little furballs. Our feline friends are cute and cuddly, and are definitely full of adorable quirks. They can also be rather mysterious. One thing that we still haven’t figured out about kitties is just how many words they understand. We know that dogs can learn up to 250 words, which makes Fido almost as smart as a human child. Attempts to test feline intelligence, however, often leave scientists scratching their heads. But, even though the jury is still out on Fluffy’s intellectual capabilities, we think it’s safe to say that our furry overlords do understand some specific phrases. Below, a Greensboro, NC vet lists some phrases we suspect cats understand.

Get Down From There

Cats like being in high places. When you think about it, Fluffy doesn’t have a very good view from floor level. Therefore, kitties like to climb, so they can survey their kingdoms with that adorable smug look they do so well. There’s a good chance your furball has heard this phrase often enough to know what it means. Tip: if Fluffy is jumping on your counters, lay out a cookie sheet so that it hangs over the edge. She’ll probably knock it down, and the resulting clatter will startle her, and make her think twice.

What Are You Doing In There?

Kitties love to explore. Your feline friend will promptly investigate any small space she can fit into. Fluffy has heard this one from the inside of suitcases, closets, cabinets, showers, and, of course, too many boxes to count.

I Just Washed That!

Have you ever found your kitty in a basket of fresh laundry? Maybe Fluffy thinks your things look better with her fur on them. Or, more likely, she just found herself a warm, super-comfy napping spot. Either way, she’s heard this phrase before!

I Have To Get Up

Have you ever found yourself trapped in your chair because Fluffy is sleeping on your lap, and looks too cute and comfortable to move? Case in point.

I Just Fed You!

Kitties can be quite finicky. There’s actually a good reason for Fluffy’s fussiness. In the wild, cats eat their prey fresh. Therefore, they often turn those cute little noses up at anything that smells even a little bit off.

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