Great Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day

Did you know that August 26 is National Dog Day? Fido’s love and loyalty are definitely worth celebrating! This is a great time to show your canine buddy some extra TLC. Read on as a local Greensboro, NC vet offers some great ways to get that furry tail wagging.


If there’s one thing we know about Fido, it’s that he absolutely loves snacks. Offer your pooch a special treat in honor of his big day. Plain, boneless chicken, steak, turkey, beef, hamburger, or fish are all great choices.


Man’s Best Friend loves to conquer new patches of grass. Take your pup on a fun adventure to a park, or bring him to a dog-friendly café.

Puppy Party

Do you have a lot of friends and/or family members with friendly dogs? Host a puppy party! Set out toys and treats for your canine buddies, and host a potluck or barbeque for your human guests. Just make sure that all of Fido’s playmates are current on their vaccines and parasite control.

Photo Shoot

Take time to get some great shots of your furry best friend. You don’t have to be a renowned photographer to take terrific pictures. Here are a few tips: put Fido against a background that contrasts with his fur. Getting down on your knees, so you are shooting from eye-level, can also help. Use photo-editing software to polish your favorite pics.

Veterinary Care

We know, we probably don’t rank very high on the list of Fido’s favorite activities. (We don’t take it personally.) However, regular veterinary care is very important to your canine friend’s health and well-being! Ask your vet to recommend an appointment schedule.


Our canine buddies are very playful! Why not get Fido some new toys?

New Digs

Getting your pooch a new doggy bed is a great way to celebrate his special day. If you have a yard, buy or make your pup a doghouse.


Dogs are extremely loyal, and their ability to love their owners unconditionally is truly amazing. Spend some extra time with Fido. Your furry pal may be just as thrilled by an extra-long walk or a cuddle session as he would be by a new toy.

Do you have questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care? Call us! As your local Greensboro, NC animal hospital, we’re here to help!

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