5 Ways Playing Benefits Your Dog

Do you take time to play with your dog regularly? If so, that’s great! Actually, playing isn’t just fun for Fido: it’s also very good for him. In this article, a Greensboro, NC vet lists some of the ways playing benefits your dog.


First and foremost, playing is great for your pooch physically. A fun round of Fetch or Tag will really get Fido up and moving. This activity will help keep your four-legged friend strong and healthy. Playing is also a great way to keep your pooch from becoming obese.

Mental Stimulation

Just like people, dogs can get restless and bored when they are left alone with nothing to do. Playing helps stimulate Fido’s mind, beating the bored-doggy blues. This is great for your furry buddy’s mental well-being, and can help fight off cognitive decline as he grows older. Offer your pooch some fun puzzle toys to keep him occupied when you are at work.

Burning Excess Energy

Man’s Best Friend can be very playful and energetic. Actually, some of our canine friends are four-legged bundles of zoom! You may be surprised at how beneficial regular activity can be for dogs, especially frisky ones. A fun play session will burn off your furry pal’s excess energy, which will leave you with a calmer, better-behaved pet. Afterwards, Fido will be more probably interested in taking a nap or getting a belly rub than in chasing the cat down the hall.

Channel Anxiety

Just like people, our canine companions can suffer from anxiety, depression, fear, and stress. Playing offers Fido a chance to take his angst out on a doggy toy, instead of channeling it into destructive behaviors like digging up the yard or chewing your shoes. It can also help nervous dogs gain confidence.

Stronger Bonds

When you take time to play with your canine buddy, Fido will know that you are doing something just to benefit him. This will only strengthen your furry friend’s feelings of love and loyalty towards you. You’ll be rewarded with adorable tail wags and doggy kisses, and with your pet’s complete and unwavering devotion. A dog’s love is a truly precious gift!

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