Tips for Camping With Fido

Are you taking your canine buddy camping this summer? Fido will certainly be thrilled to explore some new patches of grass and spend some time in the Great Outdoors! Here, a Greensboro, NC vet offers some helpful tips for camping with dogs.

Packing for the Pooch

Fido will need bedding, food, treats, dishes, toys, a leash and collar, and a doggy first-aid kit. If you are going to be around water, bring a pet lifejacket as well. (Tip: look for collapsible doggy dishes, which are lightweight and easy to carry.)


Try not to let your pup drink from unknown water sources, as the water may be contaminated. Treat or boil Fido’s water to make sure it’s safe for him.

Prepping The Pup

Before heading off into the wilderness with your furry bff, make sure that he has been spayed or neutered. Fido should also be microchipped, wearing his ID tags, and current on all vaccines and parasite control products. Keep copies of your pet’s records with you, just in case.

Exploring The Wild

Fido loves checking out new places! Just be sure to keep your curious pet away from possible hazards, such as cliffs and riverbanks. Dogs are often drawn to the dens of wild animals. Needless to say, this can be quite dangerous. We recommend keeping your pooch leashed at all times. Better safe than sorry!

Tick Check

As mentioned above, it’s important to make sure Fido is current on his parasite control products. However, when it comes to ticks, you can’t be too careful. Do a thorough tick check on your furry friend every day.


Fires can be very dangerous for Man’s Best Friend! Keep Fido away from your campfire. You don’t want him singing himself, or stepping on hot coals.


Our canine pals have been known to dig through the garbage in the hopes of scoring themselves some yummy snacks. This can be quite hazardous, as garbage could contain things like bones, skewers, tin foil, and plastic wrappers, which are all very dangerous for Fido. Dispose of your trash carefully, using a container with a secure lid.

Leave Only Pawprints

Don’t forget to pick up after your pet! Check local ordinances to see if you can bury Fido’s waste.

Do you have questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care? Call us, your Greensboro, NC animal clinic, anytime!

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