Fluffy’s Golden Rules

Have you ever noticed your kitty looking at you with a smug, superior look on her adorable face? Cats may be small, but these cute furballs definitely have larger than life purrsonalities. In fact, our feline friends may have a few lessons to teach us! Read on as a local Greensboro, NC vet lists some of Fluffy’s golden rules.

Have Fun

Fluffy may look adorably hilarious when she is sprawled out on her back or chasing after that pesky red dot, but she’s not losing any sleep over what her humans think.

Keep Growing

Kitties start working on their pouncing and jumping skills while they are still babies, and they really never stop practicing. Life is about growing, learning, and mastering new skills and techniques.

Get Lots Of Sleep

If there’s one rule kitties hold sacred, it’s to always get plenty of sleep. Fluffy may actually go a bit overboard here. Our drowsy feline buddies can sleep up to 20 hours a day! You probably don’t need quite that much shuteye, but it is important to make sure you’re getting enough rest.

Look Your Best

Fluffy will spend time every day carefully grooming herself, and making sure that her fur stays soft and shiny. Take a few minutes to make sure you look your best.

Show Your Affection

Although people often joke about how our feline pals can be cold and cunning, the truth is that our adorable furry friends are very loving, and often really enjoy snuggling up with their owners. There’s no mistaking Fluffy’s purrs for anything other than kitty affection! (Cats also show their affection in some less obvious ways, like biting us or pouncing on our toes, but that’s another topic.)

Speak Up

Kitties can be very secretive about some things, but at times, they can be very, very forthright. Fluffy will not hesitate to let you know her thoughts on baths, car rides, or the strange cat in the yard. Speak your mind!

Explore Your World

Fluffy may actually take this rule a bit too seriously, but it’s still a good piece of advice. Check out new places, and try something different. You never know what may catch your interest!

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