Fun Facts About Fido

Dogs have been our friends and companions for a very long time. In fact, Fido has been by our sides for about 15,000 years! We’ve had quite a bit of time to get to know our canine companions, but there are some things about your pet that may surprise you. Read on as a Greensboro, NC vet lists some fun facts about dogs.

The Nose Knows

You may know that dogs have a remarkable sense of spell. However, did you know that Fido’s noseprint is unique, just like a human fingerprint? This means that the nose art your pup leaves on your windows truly are one of a kind masterpieces!

Race For Treats

Most pooches can get up to about 19 mph when sprinting. However, some pups are much faster. The greyhound, for instance, can go as fast as 45 mph.

That Furry Face

Man’s Best Friend can make about 100 different facial expressions. The sad puppy-dog face your pet makes when he’s begging may be the cutest. Then again, Fido’s happy smile is also pretty adorable.


Fido definitely has keen hearing! In fact, by the time your furry pal’s sense of hearing is fully developed, he can hear things that are four times further away than what people can hear. Dogs also have an amazing knack for hearing a food wrapper being opened from the other side of a noisy house!

Sleepy Pets

On average, dogs spends about half their time sleeping. Studies show that yes, they do dream. (This is probably not much of a surprise to anyone who has ever noticed their pup making cute noises while snoozing.) As to what Fido dreams about, well, no one knows for sure. However, we suspect bacon, car rides, squirrels, and grassy meadows are all on the list.

Puppy Dog Eyes

Our canine pals have three eyelids. In addition to the upper and lower lids, they also have a third eyelid, which is technically called a nictitating membrane. This helps keep Fido’s eyes moist, and protects them from dust.


Dogs can learn, on average, about 150 words. We suspect Fido’s favorites are probably Bacon, Treat, and Walk, while Bath is probably the least favorite.

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