5 Things Cats Just Can’t Resist

Cats are full of adorable quirks and habits. Each and every one of our feline patients is a unique individual, with their own purrsonality and characteristics. However, kitties do share a few common opinions on some things. For instance, most cats hate baths, loud noises, and car rides. But what do our furry buddies love? A Greensboro, NC vet lists a few of Fluffy’s favorite things below.


No one is exactly sure why kitties are so obsessed with boxes. Many experts agree that cats feel safe in enclosed spaces, and that this is the reason for Fluffy’s box obsession. However, that doesn’t explain why our feline pals also love boxes that are clearly too big or too small for them, or why big cats, like lions and tigers, also love boxes.


Have you ever found your cat snoozing in a patch of sunlight? It’s probably safe to say that the answer to that question is yes. Kitties are not cold-blooded, nor do they run on solar power. However, they definitely love sunbathing!

Knocking Things Off Counters

This is another cute habit that no one is quite sure of the reasons for. Cats just can’t seem to help knocking small objects off counters and tabletops. Your cute pet may just be trying to help out with the housecleaning by clearing off surfaces. This may also be a not-so-subtle method of demanding attention. (Note: if your furball uses her right paw to smack things over, she is right-pawed. If Fluffy prefers her left paw, she’s a leftie.)

Blanket Mischief

Fluffy may try to lend you a helping paw when it’s time to change the sheets. Of course, your fluffy pal may ‘help’ by jumping on the sheets you’re trying to smooth out, which is cute but not very useful. (It’s the thought that counts!) Kitties also can’t resist attacking the ‘monster under the blanket,’ so if you move your foot under the covers, your pet may pounce!

Comfy Napping Spots

Our feline friends certainly are sleepy little furballs. Fluffy can sleep up to 20 hours a day! If your furry buddy finds a soft blanket, empty lap, or an inviting niche, she’ll likely waste little time in settling down for yet another nap.

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