Kids And Pets Day

April 26th is Kids and Pets Day! Kids and pets can be mutually beneficial. Plus, they are absolutely adorable together! In this article, a local Greensboro, NC vet discusses kids and pets.

Benefits For Kids

Children can learn a lot from our furry friends. Pets teach children about unconditional love, and can be a wonderful source of comfort in hard times. They also help little ones understand about empathy and kindness. There are also some health benefits. Some studies indicate that kids with pets may have stronger immune systems and fewer allergies than children who don’t have animal companions. Last but not least, many pets are protective of their human friends. While this of course never a bonus, there have been some truly amazing stories of dogs and cats guarding their young two-legged pals.

Benefits For Pets

Pets can also benefit from having a young human buddy. Frisky dogs and cats may love having a playmate that is full of energy! Your pet may be able to keep your little one occupied, and vice versa. And, as you have probably noticed, our furry pals love having napping buddies. Dogs and cats both enjoy snuggling up with their young friends!

Choosing Your Child’s First Pet

There’s no one specific age at which it’s appropriate to get a child a pet. It really varies from person to person. Maturity is much more important than actual age. If your little one treats animals kindly, and does homework and chores without needing several reminders, it may be time! Just keep the well-being of both your pet and your child in mind. It’s all too common for children to beg for a pet, only to lose interest in the animal. This often leads to pets being rehomed, which can be very sad and traumatic for them. We recommend erring on the side of caution by starting with a very low-maintenance pet, such as a goldfish or perhaps a hamster. Make sure you are willing to take on responsibility if your child loses interest.


Always supervise interactions between pets and young children. Toddlers, for instance, can be quite loud and are often unintentionally rough. You don’t want your little one finding out the hard way that Fluffy’s tail isn’t a toy!

Please contact us, your Greensboro, NC pet hospital, with any questions or concerns about pet care. That’s why we’re here!

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