How to Trick Your Pooch Into Taking His Pill

If you own a dog, you’ll probably have to give him some sort of medication in pill form at one point or another. Our canine companions don’t often take kindly to medicine, though! Try these tricks from a Greensboro, NC veterinarian to get Fido to swallow his pill successfully:

The Hiding Trick

It’s often easiest to hide your dog’s pill in food. Try putting the medication in a glob of wet dog food, pressing into the center of a soft dog treat, or wrapping it up in a slice of deli meat. Most dogs will be so enthralled by the tasty morsel that they won’t even realize that they’ve swallowed a pill! It’s a good idea to check with your vet first before trying this method; not all medication is safe to be taken with food.

The Tossing Trick

Toss your dog a treat or two, then his pill, then another few treats. If you’re lucky, your pooch won’t even realize that one of the “treats” in the middle of the stream was actually medicine!

The Crushing Trick

Depending on the type of medicine your dog needs, you may be able to crush up Fido’s pill into a fine powder, allowing you to stir it directly into food or sprinkle it over the top of your dog’s meals. It’s essential that you check with your veterinarian first, though—some medications, particularly time-released capsules, aren’t meant to be crushed and may in fact introduce too much medicine to your dog at one time when crushed. Crushing might also render medication ineffective.

Chewable Pills

Were you aware that some pills made for dogs now come in chewable and flavored versions? They’re formulated to taste just like a dog treat, so most dogs will happily gobble them up. Vitamins, monthly preventative chewables, and dietary supplements are also sometimes manufactured in this way. Consult your veterinarian to find out if your dog’s pills come in a chewable variety.

Manual Administration

If the above tricks don’t work, you’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way: giving your dog his pill manually. Pry open Fido’s jaws gently with one hand, then place the pill far back on the tongue. Close the jaws, hold them shut, and massage your dog’s throat to stimulate swallowing.

Do you need help with your pet’s medicine? We’re here for you. Set up an appointment at your Greensboro, NC animal hospital today!

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