Taking Your Cat to the Vet

Does your kitty run and hide when she sees her carrier? While going for car rides may not be Fluffy’s favorite activity, she will look and feel better if she visits us regularly. Here, a Greensboro, NC vet discusses taking Fluffy to the doctor.

Recommended Care

Fluffy’s veterinary care needs will change as she ages. When your furball is a kitten, she’ll need to come in a few times. Baby cats will need their initial exams and vaccinations, as well as microchipping and spay/neuter surgery. You’ll also want to get your tiny bundle of cute started on parasite control. (Note: we also like to make sure kitten motors are running properly. We do official purr checks by offering free cuddles and ear scritches.) Once your feline overlord is fully grown, she’ll need to come in at least once a year, for wellness care, which includes exams, vaccinations, and parasite control. Senior cats and outdoor cats may need to visit us more often than that. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Emergency Trips

At all stages of your cat’s life, it’s important to keep an eye out for signs of sickness. Kitties can be a bit secretive about letting on that they don’t feel well, so pay close attention. Some common red flags include hiding, poor grooming, lethargy, trouble using the litterbox, vomiting, respiratory issues, fever, diarrhea, and unusual behavior or vocalizations. Call your vet immediately if you notice anything amiss.

The Car Ride

As you may have noticed, car rides are definitely not one of Fluffy’s favorite things. In fact, they rank somewhere between baths and loud noises on the list of things cats hate most. To make the trip easier on your pet, keep a window cracked and turn the radio on to soothe her. Drive smoothly, and try to avoid sudden stops or starts. If your furry pal is extremely scared of car trips, ask your vet about using a cat-calming product. It may also help to keep the carrier out between trips. Add comfy bedding and toys to make it fun for your furball.

Purr Reactivation

Once you get Fluffy home again, offer her some TLC. Give her a new toy or a special treat, and spend some quality time with her.

Please contact us, your Greensboro, NC pet hospital, if ever we can be of assistance. We’re happy to help!

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