Fun Games You Can Play With Your Dog

Do you have a playful pup? There’s nothing cuter than a frisky dog happily running after his favorite toy. While classic games like Fetch will never stop being cute, there are actually lots of other ways you can play with your canine pal. A local Greensboro, NC vet lists some of them below.

Red Light Green Light

This classic kids’ game is actually very pet-friendly. It’s also a wonderful way to work on your pup’s training. Just use Stay and Come instead of the original phrases, Stop and Go.

Simon Says

To make this game doggy-friendly, just use commands like Stay, Sit, and Lay Down. Offer Fido some yummy treats when he does well.

Hide And Seek

You can do this one indoors, which makes it great for winter. Occasionally, hide from your furry pal. Then, call Fido. See how long it takes him to find you.

Go Faster! Go Slower!

When walking, tell Fido to ‘Go Faster!’ Then, pick up the pace. After a minute or two, say ‘Slow Down’ and reduce the pace. Just be careful not to overexert your four-legged buddy.


This is a simple game. Of course, part of Fido’s magic is that he makes everything more fun. Every now and then, switch directions, and walk away or run away from your dog. This is a good one to play in a fenced-in area, or in a park when your furry buddy is on a long, retractable leash.

Search For Treasure

This one is a good way to make Fido’s walks more fun for him. When you walk your pooch, bring a baggie filled with pieces of kibble. Every now and then, when your pet isn’t looking, drop a piece. Then, tell your pup to look for his snack.

Three Cups

Get some waxed paper cups. Put a small snack beneath one of them while your pet watches. Then, move the cups around and see which one Fido goes for.


Fido may love shooting hoops with you! You’ll need a laundry basket and a ball. Drop the ball into the basket, and say ‘Score!’ Let your canine friend watch you, and then give him the ball. If he gets it right, offer him a tasty treat.

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