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Dr. Benjamin L. Jones

Owner, Veterinarian

One Saturday afternoon during his senior year of economics studies in college, Dr. Benjamin Jones heard a scratching at his apartment door. Upon opening the door, Dr. Jones was surprised to see a young beagle dart into his apartment and jump up on the sofa as if he lived there. It didn’t take long for Dr. Jones to discover a splinter wedged in the dog’s foot; he carefully pulled it out, at which point the dog promptly fell asleep in his lap. That very night, Dr. Jones made a choice: he was going to become a veterinarian!

Dr. Jones grew up in Durham, North Carolina, and attended Vanderbilt University before completing his science requirements at the University of Tennessee-Nashville. He then attended the University of Tennessee-Knoxville to earn his veterinary degree, and moved to the Greensboro area after graduation to be close to family. Dr. Jones started here at Friendly Animal Clinic in 1983, then bought the practice in 1992 when the previous owner retired. He’s been serving the pets and animal owners of Greensboro for over 30 years!

Medically, Dr. Jones is fond of soft-tissue surgery because of the challenge and unique nature each case brings. He also enjoys diagnostic work and seeing the puzzle pieces come together to form a full picture. Most of all, Dr. Jones enjoys building lasting relationships with his clientele and their beloved animal companions.

Dr. Jones’ entire family is involved in the veterinary profession—his wife, Pam, works right here at Friendly Animal Clinic. Their oldest daughter, Hallie, serves as a veterinary pharmaceutical representative, while their youngest, Sarah, is a veterinarian herself. Dr. Jones and his wife live on a 20-acre farm with three dogs: Buzz is a beagle that was given to Dr. Jones by Dr. Becker, and Todd and Boone are young beagle mixes that Dr. Jones found on a hiking trip in the mountains.

Outside of work, Dr. Jones enjoys salt-water fishing, bee keeping, reading historical fiction, and gardening. He has two gardens at home: his personal patch, and another used exclusively to grow vegetables for his clients! Visitors to Friendly Animal Clinic are likely to find everything from tomatoes and cucumbers to squash, peppers, and potatoes here at the clinic throughout late spring, summer, and early fall.

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Photo of Dr. Benjamin  L. Jones

Dr. Wendy Stockard Camp

Owner, Veterinarian

From her earliest memories, Dr. Wendy Camp has been fascinated by animals, nature, and science. Growing up here in Greensboro, she loved exploring the outdoors and interacting with creatures of all kinds. Her mother even allowed Dr. Camp and her siblings to rescue and nurture just about any critter they could find! Dr. Camp’s adoration simply never quit—she always knew she would become a veterinarian one day.

Dr. Camp received both her undergraduate degree and her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from North Carolina State University. After working with a wide variety of animals for three years in a busy Louisburg, North Carolina pet clinic, she moved back to Greensboro to start her family. Dr. Camp performed relief work at various practices in the area before signing on here at Friendly Animal Clinic in the summer of 1994. She’s been here ever since, and is now part-owner of the clinic.

Medically, Dr. Camp is particularly interested in surgery, challenging internal medical cases, and pediatric work. On any given day, Dr. Camp may serve as a surgeon, ophthalmologist, or dentist!

At home, Dr. Camp and her husband, Jim, live on a small farm with their eight boys and a menagerie of pets. The family shares their lives with three dogs, five cats, a cockatiel, a betta fish, a ferret, a trio of horses, and 16 chickens. When she has a spare moment between work, farm duties, and family life, Dr. Camp enjoys horseback riding and spending time in the great outdoors.

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Photo of Dr. Wendy  Stockard Camp

Dr. Tina Becker

Associate Veterinarian

As a young girl, Dr. Tina Becker rode horses with her Girl Scout troop constantly. When her family moved to a small farm in order to keep horses of their own, Tina became even more enthralled. Her greatest joy came from riding and caring for the animals—these early experiences sparked an intense desire to work in the veterinary field, and Dr. Becker never gave up on her dream!

A native of Richmond, Indiana, Dr. Becker attended Purdue University to earn her undergraduate degree and Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. She has special interests in surgery, pediatric care, and veterinary acupuncture. Dr. Becker moved to Wilmington, North Carolina after finishing school to begin her animal-care career, then relocated to Greensboro for her husband’s job in 2000. In short order, she began performing relief work at a few different practices in the area, including Friendly Animal Clinic. Eventually, she became a part-time employee, and the rest is history!

Dr. Becker and her husband have three adult children: a son and twin daughters. The family shares their home with three dogs, four cats, and a horse. When she isn’t caring for pets here at the clinic or spending time on horseback, Dr. Becker enjoys watersports and running. Recently, she and her daughters ran the Hershey Half-Marathon in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

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Photo of Dr. Tina  Becker

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